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I am a house on the twisted path.

25 April 1973
As of July 2010, I have gone back to beading. I will be posting patterns and pictures of finished designs for Delica beads When I have something new finished.

The last incarnation of this bio was out of date by at least a year and a half. General information about me that doesn't change includes:

I have a Masters in Library and Information Science. I will be paying for it for a very long time.

I have been an eclectic Pagan since about 1995.

I'm still looking for a tarot deck that I actually like.

I collect nonfiction books about ghosts.

I am occasionally a merchant in the SCA, where I sell chainmail jewelry. Being from Illinois, day trips to Ohio are out of the question, although I have done them.

I am trying to learn to sew.

My interests go in cycles.

I have food allergies that get worse when I'm really stressed.

EMDR is my friend. Seriously.