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dreamwidth invite code

I just got this in my email from dreamwidth.  I guess I'll just post them as I get them.


If you use it, let me know so other people don't waste their time. 

Thank you.

edit on may 26, 2011:

and three more:


My empty dreamwidth is here, btw.  I got the account during the last kerfuffle, and never imported or posted anything to it. I didn't even add icons.  shrug., wtf

Book meme!

This is nebris and darksumomo 's fault.

Game rules: grab the book closest to you right now. Open to pg. 56. Choose the 5th sentence. Publish as your status[FB?] and write these rules as a comment. Don't choose the book you like best or think is the coolest, but the one that is closest.

"He might summon shadow for a whispered conversation, dismiss the shadow, then use light to make himself glow while he attacks an opponent."

AD&D 2nd ed. The complete wizard's handbook.

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I 'stole' the house computer.

Why the Hel would I take the house computer?  Because Mom is hard of hearing, and wants the tv sound set to ELEVEN.  At least as far as I and my anxiety issues are concerned.  And this going to bed at 6am on account of not being able to stand being in the living room is just old.

On the upside, the roofers were here today and will be here tomorrow to finish up.  It is the first new roof on this house since I was two, aside from partials and patches that mostly didn't work.

No more rain in our house.  Yay!
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so now that I've scared myself shitless by looking at stuff about student loans, I'm a try to go to sleep. Because I have a telephone interview with a lawyer about them tomorrow.

I'm only slightly relieved by the fact that I am apparently not only not alone, but together, we are a bigger mess than the entire mortgage fiasco. (shudder)
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Some bracelets

10 braceletts 1 10 braceletts 1
10 priced bracelets without a ruler, because I couldn't find one.

I make Chain mail jewelry. I'm not sure how many people who read this have actually seen any of my Chain Mail, but here they are.

For those of you who have tried going to my Artfire account, I am very sorry. I am a dork, and forgot I had it linked anywhere.

As you can see, I just tossed these on a scanner. Photographing these things is not my strong suit. The scanner may not be fabulous, but it gives me a reasonable record for inventory purposes, if nothing else.