natasiakith (natasiakith) wrote,

ssi, ssd, and second life

Supplemental social security gives me $15 a month, covers my medicare, and qualifies me for Medicaid.

That's right, I said $15.

I play Second Life, and want to get into making stuff to pay for my gaming habit.  Car repairs would be nice, too.  Currently, I make silly hats.  I even got a shop inworld, although there's currently nothing in it.

I asked the Social Security office in Effingham whether I should count actual points as income for the purposes of reporting, or only when I cash out.  Most players Say the latter, but most of them only have the IRS and State to deal with.

The guy I was talking to didn't know, and they have to check into it so they have to call back.

Now I'm having a panic attack and shaking.

Well, I had a calming hobby..
Tags: second life, ssd

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