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Companies that produce pagan themed stamps

The following three are angel companies, which are all I will intentionally buy stamps from.

Lost Angeles Rubber Works goes directly to Yule and Solstice stamps

The Enchanted Gallery - Kimberly Crick - Heavy influence of Art Nouveau

Wild Frog Creations tarot, general Wicca, various others around the site main page under Mystic.

Annd this is where I almost gave up tonight. Search terms used were "Occult stamp", "Pagan stamp", and "Wicca stamp", each with Boolean removal (-christ -jesus) of unrelated results.

"Goddess stamp", on the other hand, got similar results to what I already have in my bookmarks.  All of these are more general, except for the occasional Egyptian or Celtic knotwork.

Faerie Song Rubber Art Stamps
About Aftermidnight Art Rubber Stamps
MEER IMAGE the Art of Steven Vander Meer
ERA Graphics Rubber Stamps - Homepage
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