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smashwords  vs.  lulu

Lulu is the site I'm most drawn to, though with that search interface, I have no idea why.  I've seen Amazon's ebook system suggested, but I don't think I trust them.

  • older name that has lots of customers
  • other beaders and pagans are already there
  • I already have an account

  • FAQ is easy to maneuver in and addresses my questions without confusion
  • "Fees" basically seems to mean paypal, as in _actual_ and not some random arbitrary thing.
  • The way I'm reading it, I'd get 85% of whatever I charge, minus the actual fees
  • free isbn for some e-books

  • Printing is reputed to be dreadful (not applicable to an ebook, but something to watch for.)
  • $2 per sale of e-books goes to Lulu, if I read it right.  That's a lot for something I was planning on charging $4 for.
  • If I can use tags to help people find my stuff, I'm not figuring it out.  This would mean that all the likely search terms need to be in the title.
  • I cannot figure out when payment are made.  Apparently 6-8 weeks after the fact, but that mostly for paper copy.
  • No subcategories at all.  Basically, if you want to find something I guess you have to know it's there?
  • There is no "Pagan" sub-category under "religion".  Nor even 'New Age."  This does not really make me happy.  "Hinduism" and "Yoga" got one, though.  Also no top level "hobby/crafts".  Maybe we have to ask.  
  • All the copyright listings at the bottom of the pages list 2010 and the 'about' page does not list a starting date.  I find this odd, but not terrible.  May 2009 saw some kind of important upgrade, though.
  • Uses Word instead of .pdf documents because their goal is to translate the books for things like Kindle.  This is listed as a con only because I like .pdf.  The expanded market is very nice.
  • Pays quarterly, and I need money like last week.
End of post statement:

After going through and listing all that, I think I'll go with Smashwords.  Since you have to get customers to the page yourself, anyway,it seems like the better bet.

And in case anyone is wondering, I didn't list DRM possibilities because I hate DRM and refuse to inflict it on my potential customers. 
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