December 8th, 2009

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direct links to ysabetwordsmith's fishbowl posts

Here are direct links to all of the 2009 fishbowls.

Organized in order of comments. Sorry if I've missed any.

Ysabet is having a sale.

January 6
"The Songs That I Know"
"In Coherent Light"
"As They Waited"
"Hellfire and Salvation"

February 10
"Explain Away"
"Hungrier Things"
"Two Wheels, One Road"
"Shifting the Gears"
"The Narcissus Code"
"The Birth of Purpose"

March 10
"The Infinite City"
"The Lost River"
"The World of Small"
"The Plastic People"
"The Secret of Göbekli Tepe."
"Creatures of Memories and Dreams"
"Lost and Found"

April 7
"The Helm of the Huntsman" (in comment as "The Huntsman's Helm,"?)
"Beowulf's Legacy"
"It Takes an Old Man"
"The Henchmen's Hitch"
"The Sword from the Foundling House"

May 5
"Find the Way Home"
"The Webs of Death" ?
"The River City"
"The Once and Future Island"
"The Forest Path"
"Guide Paths"
"The Wind and the Words" (in comment as "The Words and the Wind,"?)
"The Shaman's Journey"

June 9
"Quicker Than the Eye"
"Keeping the World on Course"
"The Work Revealed"
"The Bringers of Spring"
"Spider Grandmother and the Lonely Ones"
"The Promises of Paper"

July 7
"The Nirvana Pill"
"The Myth of Galatea"
"How the Goddesses Invented Cyberspace"
"Extra Sensory Inception"
"The Gray Trade"
"The Last of the Ancients"
"End in Fire"

August 4
"Rain in the Sun"
"Maternal Metamorphosis"
"Milestones of Gold"
"Bracketing the Passage"
"The Stars Must Be Crazy"
"The Changing Rains"
"Filling the Gap"
"Testing, Testing 1-2-3"

September 8
"The Caldarari"
"The Call of the Cwn Annwn"
"The Troll Princess"
"Electronic Arcana"

October 13
"Why There Are Seal Clubbers"
"How Greenpeace Began"
"Olympian Proportions"
"Shooting the Werewolf"
"The White Hind"
"True to Form"
"The Wheel of Souls"

November 3
"rromani ćhib"
"Language and Lineage"
"Sticks and Stones"
"Traces of Intelligence"
"The Gypsy in the Labyrinth"

December 1
"The Explication of Christmas Past"
"Willow Leaves"
"A Sovereign Design"
"Sail With Me, Lady Washington"
"A Mosaic of Nations"
"The Afghan Planet"
"From Times Long Past"

-not a poem-
going to bed, now.
merchant, jewelry, sca, chainmail, calligraphy

The kitten is a fuzzzy beast..

Dear kitten:

No matter how valiantly you try to dig the plastic sheeting up and over your poo, only digging the actual litter over the top of it will actually make the smell less pungent.

Also, my leg is not a scratching post. No matter how sad you are that I haven't got you a real scratching post yet, My leg is not a good replacement.


Your human.